CIS Returns And TAX Rebates

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Returns

If you work in the Construction Industry you are likely due a TAX rebate from your CIS deductions. We can ensure you claim as much of your CIS deducted TAX back through your CIS Returns. 

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Maximum Refund

We will check each deduction to ensure your claim is accurate and nothing is missed.

No Hidden Charges

We will complete your CIS Tax return for a fixed fee from £200.

Fast Turnaround

We aim to have your returns completed within 10 days of receiving all your information.


We will provide ongoing advice throughout the year.

CIS TAX refunds

From joiners and builders to ground workers and and plumbers, UK construction workers in the Constructions Industry Scheme (CIS) can claim tax rebates. 

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CIS TAX Rebates

What costs can my CIS TAX rebate cover?

A CIS tax refund can give you money back whenever you have used your own money to do your job. Usually this is done by claiming tax relief on the money you have spent on genuine business expenses. These costs can include;

When Thomas & Bell looks into your claim, we’ll pinpoint the expenses that qualify for tax relief. That means you’ll never get caught out my a confusing rule or find yourself claiming too little or too much. Over claiming can cause some serious problems especially if HMRC investigates. 

What is the cis tax deduction rate?

CIS Returns

The standard Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tax deduction rate is 20%. This means if you are a CIS subcontractor you could have overpaid too much tax. If you haven’t registered for the CIS scheme you could be paying as much as 30%. Therefore it’s important to register as soon as possible to minimise the tax that is being deducted.